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Core Performance Essentials Book

Core Performance Essentials offers a simpler yet highly effective program to create a lean, agile, powerful physique that's resistant to injury and the ravages of age. read more >>
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  1. Stretch Rope

    Stretch Rope

    AIS Stretch Rope is 10 feet long and 5/8 inches thick. The Core Performance rope is perfect for regeneration and flexibility as seen in Mark Verstegen's book Core Performance.

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  2. TRAINERroller® Sport Performance

    TRAINERroller® Sport Performance

    Relieve soreness, improve circulation and increase muscle elasticity with the TRAINERroller for Sport Performance.

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  3. TRAINERmat® Sport Performance

    TRAINERmat® Sport Performance

    Designed by elite trainers, the TRAINERmat Sport Performance provides 24 essential exercises to improve muscle strength and elasticity for developing speed, agility and explosiveness.

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  4. Core Performance Golf DVD

    Core Performance Golf DVD

    Now, for the first time ever, amateur athletes have access to many of the training methods used by numerous PGA and LPGA golfers who train with Athletes Performance. This revolutionary training system will make you a stronger, more consistent golfer.

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  5. SKLZ Balanz Board

    SKLZ Balanz Board

    The Balanz Board tilts and rocks to challenge your balance and overall coordination. Train on this board and you will improve core strength and body and spacial awareness.

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  6. Performance Stick

    Performance Stick

    The AP Performance Stick is the optimal way to prepare your muscles before a workout or regenerate your muscles after a workout.  Used by all elite athletes as part of their AP training program.

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  7. TP Starter Set

    TP Starter Set

    The TP Starter Set includes the essential building blocks for injury prevention and positive biomechanics.

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  8. TRAINERball® Sport Performance

    TRAINERball® Sport Performance

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  9. SKLZ Mini Bands

    SKLZ Mini Bands

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  10. Travel Stick

    Travel Stick

    The AP Travel Stick is a perfect size to stick in your travel bag and use it to prepare your muscles before a workout or regenerate your muscles after a workout on the road.

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