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Develop greater discipline and structure in your workouts. Use the DRLZ Timer while training with heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes and other types of interval training. read more >>
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  1. Stretch Rope

    Stretch Rope

    AIS Stretch Rope is 10 feet long and 5/8 inches thick. The Core Performance rope is perfect for regeneration and flexibility as seen in Mark Verstegen's book Core Performance.

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  2. Core Performance Tennis DVD

    Core Performance Tennis DVD

    Now, for the first time ever, amateur athletes have access to many of the same training methods used by numerous WTA and ATP players who train with Athletes Performance.

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  3. TRAINERball® Sport Performance

    TRAINERball® Sport Performance

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  4. Core Performance Essentials Book

    Core Performance Essentials Book

    Core Performance Essentials offers a simpler yet highly effective program to create a lean, agile, powerful physique that's resistant to injury and the ravages of age.

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  5. Core Performance Soccer DVD

    Core Performance Soccer DVD

    The world-renowned Athletes Performance training system helps professional soccer players unlock their true physical potential while reducing the potential for injury. This revolutionary training system will make you a faster, stronger, more valuable.

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  6. Core Performance Essentials Series DVDs

    Core Performance Essentials Series DVDs

    Based directly on the Core Performance Essentials book released book by Mark Verstegen, the Core Performance Essentials DVD Series offers the entire set of four DVDs including all four levels and 16 staged programs.

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