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The revolutionary book by Athletes' Performance President and Founder Mark Verstegen. Released by Rodale Press in January 2004, Core Performance shows you how to use your core to transform your body and your life, turn back the clock, speed up your metabolism, trim your waistline, build muscle, and gain boundless energy. More than a workout routine, Mark's 12-week, comprehensive program reveals the athlete that has always been inside of you.

The Core Program shows you how to develop balanced fitness—strength, muscle mass, flexibility, power, and endurance—without overemphasizing or shortchanging any component. It shows you how to recover from workouts so you get leaner and stronger when everyone else is just getting tired. And it shows you how to eat the right foods to get the body you want and the energy to have more fun with it.

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I read the book, and was intrigued. 4 weeks later, I got all the stuff I needed and entered the plan onto a spreadsheet for easy reference. I started the plan a little over 2 weeks ago. After only a few weeks, here are my thoughts: (1) The plan certainly works to improve your flexibility. (2) I am confident that the core strengthening will occur as I continue the program. (3) If you are after weight loss, I suggest supplementing the program with additional cardio every day - for example, I ride 40 minutes on a spin bike before doing the "program" each day. This will create additional caloric burn you need to lose weight fairly quickly. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the book and the program. Great Job, Mark...

If you read this book thoroughly and follow it as closely as possible, you will run faster, jump higher, throw harder, and hit a ball further than you ever have. This book is phenominal and will transform your body and athletic ability, but you have to be ready for the challenge. I love what it has done for me in the batters box and on the mound.

what a difference this book has made in my basic body alignment. I am really taking the time to follow the simple plans of building my core and people see the results. And i am pleased with the results.